Parents attending my baby sensory group...

"My little girl and I have been really enjoying Hannah’s sensory group. We have attended regularly since my daughter was a few months old with the same group of mums. Hannah puts so much thought and effort into the themes each week and so it is always new and interesting. I can really see how the activities are helping my daughter to develop her fine motor skills, interactions with other babies and imaginative play. There is also messy play, new textures, activities that are easily and cheaply recreated at home. Hannah sends through notes afterwards so you have it to refer back to as well as photos to show the dads. 
Hannah is generous with her knowledge and gives pointers on how to help the babies development as they grow, she answers questions honestly from her own experience of a mum of two, she’s very open and caring. The informal setting of Hannah’s home is relaxed and creates an environment for us all to share our experiences of being mothers as well as some good cake! I’ve really valued the group for advice, support and enjoyed getting to know everyone. It’s also been fun to see how all the babies have changed over their first year."

"Hannah’s sensory group has been such a positive experience for both myself and of course for my baby. 
Hannah’s expertise and natural way with creativity and imagination gave us both an opportunity during her class to bond with other babies, other parents and a great opportunity to bond with each other, my baby & I.
The exercises we did really benefited my baby in so many ways and taught me movement, energising and calming exercises for example to also do at home. My baby not only slept better after a class but also expressed a very satisfactory mood. She felt more in rhythm with herself.
I would strongly recommend Hannah’s baby sensory classes."

"Fun interactive sessions led by a fantastic teacher. I loved Hannah's activity ideas (I was even inspired to recreate some at home) and her friendly approach. I felt her insight into the stages of cognitive and physical development helped me understand and encourage my little boy. Our favourite baby group by far!"

"Freya and I were both very excited to head to Hannah’s house and the baby sensory class every week. Freya developed skills such as tasting feeling and moving through play and I learnt to play with her to develop her in her different stages from the age of 4 months. 
Hannah’s open personality and experience working with young children along with the research putting the classes together meant that we always learnt something new. 
I especially enjoyed the personal touch of being in Hannah’s home and getting to know her family too.
It was the best place as Freya never got over stimulated and it was relaxing for us both. The small group and environment added to the flexibility and opportunity to talk and learn.
Thanks Hannah plus family for always making us feel welcome and for your generosity!"


What parents have to say...

"Hannah has been a continued source of support to my son (and me)! 

Not only has she offered pragmatic solutions to minimising my son’s “meltdowns” and anxieties but she has also offered me support, reassurance and understanding.

I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to make use of Hannah’s expertise and knowledge. Without which I feel that my son and I would be much poorer, lacking crucial insight and stratagems to effect the change which I have no doubt is directly attributable to her efforts.

Thank you Hannah!"

"Hannah took the time to get to know my son, his quirks and struggles. She worked with him with great compassion and sense of fun. He always enjoyed her sessions and we as parents appreciated her professionalism and dedication."

A student of mine...

"I miss you and your lessons soo much! I have reached my last day of my first year at university. I have managed to achieve firsts on all of my assignments so far, and I think you deserve a bigggg thank you! Your support and teaching has had a big impact on my academic journey”.

A colleague of mine...

“Hannah is professional and dedicated to making a difference to the lives of young people. I would rate her 5/5 for teamwork, reliability, punctuality, behaviour management, and engagement.”