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#The Bunny Hop Challenge

Yesterday we did a very special kind of sensory Easter bunny sensory circuit! Now here comes the challenge...I challenge you all to practise your Easter bunny bops and video yourself on Easter Sunday and upload them here!! My husband, as you can imagine is already really looking forward to this:-) See at the end of this post for details of the Easter Sensory Circuit!

On a serious note, both my daughters loved completing this sensory circuit today! It was a great workout for all of us, and highlighted some sensory joys! My older daughter said at the end of the circuit "I loved being wrapped up tightly in that blanket...can we do it again tomorrow?!" It was interesting as when I wrapped her up first time, her little sister wanted to get involved so I wrapped the two of them up together, but then she said "My turn next and this time tighter!" It was really interesting how ready she was to start our next activity!

Easter Sensory Circuit

Here are some great songs to support your child’s sensory regulation by following a sensory circuit in the theme of Easter. The full circuit consists of 4-5 songs, and should take no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. There are a couple of well-known tunes that have been reinvented to follow a theme and some new ones in that will challenge even the best of movers! Enjoy, and don't forget the Bunny Bop Challenge!


  1. The Bunny Bop


Do the Easter bunny bop bop

Step left, right, left and hop hop

Big bunny ears go

flop flip-flop

In the Easter bunny bop bop

hop hop

bop bop bop

Have you ever seen the Easter bunny?


Cuddly cute with a soft white tummy


The only rabbit of his kind

Brings Easter eggs at Easter time

How many eggs can you find?

Do the Easter bunny bop bop…

Every Easter egg has some magic inside


If you're lucky there might be a surprise

(surprise, surprise)

They taste so good and are fun to share


Colourful Easter eggs everywhere

A sure sign that the eatsre bunny was there

Do the Easter bunny bop bop…

repeat x 2

Wake up nice and early and have a look around

In the garden

Under a tree

There’s Easter eggs to be found

Do the easter bunny bop bop…

repeat x 2

The Easter bunny hop hop bop bop

2. The Easter Bunny

(Sung to: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)

See how the bunny hops along, hops along, hops along, (children crouch and hop)

See how the bunny hops along,

On an Easter Sunday morning.

This is the way he wiggles his nose,
 wiggles his nose, wiggles his nose (children wiggle nose)

This is the way he wiggles his nose,

On an Easter Sunday morning.

This is the way he flops his ears, etc.

This is the way he wiggles his tail, etc.


1. Boom Chicka Boom

2. Bunny Hokey Pokey


Complete this song to the tune of ‘10 green bottles’ really quietly whilst sat down on the floor.

Bunnies on a Hill

There were six little bunnies a-sitting on a hill, (hold up six fingers)

Six little bunnies were oh, so still, (sit or stand really still and stiff)

They sniffed the air, and one hopped away, (sniff in air and then move one finger away)

How many bunnies were left to play? (shrug shoulders)

Once there are no more bunnies left to play it’s time for bunny to be wrapped up tightly in a blanket ready for a snooze.

Happy Easter everyone! I look forward to seeing your Bunny Bop challenges, and we will of course upload ours!

Hannah OT:-)

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