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Easter holiday fun!

So we are 3 days in to a very strange Easter holiday indeed! All good so far I'm pleased to report, and I hope the same goes for you all. Now as promised, this week has consisted of NO school work, just all fun filled activities! We have been working our way through this fantastic list of ideas for Easter crafts:

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to craft, but something I don't tell little ears is that actually whilst they are completing these lovely fun activities they are also working on their fine motor skills, getting tactile and proprioceptive feedback (especially whilst rolling/ kneading), and developing their bilateral coordination (using two sides of their body at the same time), hand-eye coordination and their ability to focus. In addition, especially if you have a child who is anxious and struggling to make sense out of this crazy time, craft can be a great way to escape, find a sense of calm and purpose.

In addition, with Easter coming up, this is a great time for baking! Both my daughters love to bake and even if we are not the best bread makers, the process is so much fun! This is also a great tactile and proprioceptive seeker task - even your avoiders might be happy to get involved because dry dough is relatively mess free! Do not be discouraged from getting your tactile avoider involved though, even if they seem reluctant, as you can always arm them with wet wipes which are a great easy escape from mess!

Here's some examples of our holiday fun:

Some lovely festive arts and crafts.

Making salt dough Easter ornaments.

Check out my Easter Bunny Sensory Circuit tomorrow with an added challenge!

Hannah OT:-)

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