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A very different diet...

Sensory diets are used to support children's self-regulation throughout the day. They are designed to give the right type of input at the right moment. Sensory diets compliment sensory circuits well, as sensory diets continue the input initially offered as part of a sensory circuit. To design an effective diet for your child I would suggest doing the following:

1) Examine your child's sensory profile through completing the 'How full is your cup?' exercise.

2) Compile a list of movement break ideas that best match your child's profile - use the examples covered over the last few days, as well as any activities that you have found effective before (please share other activity ideas in the comments section below).

3) Complete a sensory behaviour diary - note down when and what your child does over the course of a couple of days e.g. hit younger brother before lunch; ran up and down the stairs after breakfast etc.

4) Try to interpret the behaviour your child is expressing - are they seeking something? Or are they avoiding something?

5) Think about a suitable break that will prevent such a behaviour e.g. hitting - wall push-ups; biting - eat something crunchy or practise some oral motor activities (; fidgeting - movement break; sucking of hair - give a tactile break; lounging over the sofa - heavy work etc.

6) Put together a sensory diet - here is just a suggested format which I have found to work in my professional work. It is really essential to get your child's 'buy-in', and so I would recommend forming a chart together or getting your child to decorate the chart you have already designed.

Wow we made it:-) Two weeks of home schooling and counting! Now I know the next two weeks won't seem very different, but try to have some Easter holiday fun. To support you in this, for the next two weeks I will be adding some Easter/ holiday fun every day to give you a few hints along the way. As always I welcome comments and please get in touch if you would like any further information!

Well done you fantastic lot! See you next week for some holiday fun:-)

Happy weekend!

Hannah OT:-)

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