Supporting your child...

As an occupational therapist and teacher I will be able to support your child in their 'doing' both at school and at home.  


I am Makaton trained, and have experience of working with a variety of needs including children with autism, down’s syndrome, ADHD, and DCD. I am also happy to link with your child’s school as appropriate and to working with your child in your local community.


The following are typical areas in which I can offer support:


  • Assessing of sensory needs

  • Autism awareness - What does being autistic mean to me?

  • Setting up of a sensory space at home

  • Liaising with school to ensure that your child's needs are being met - providing training to teacher assistants where possible

  • Putting together a sensory circuit that will help your child to self-regulate throughout the day

  • Transitioning from nursery, infant, primary, and secondary school

  • School based support needs assessment

  • Building a functional daily routine

  • Acquiring functional skills in dressing, personal care, and use of a knife and fork

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss whether the support I can offer is appropriate for your child. I will also offer a free consultation meeting prior to starting a treatment programme.