My experience...

Sept 2019 - present: Specialist Occupational Therapist (Band 7), NHS Children's Integrated Therapies Team, NELFT

  • Working to support individuals aged 3-19 with functional and sensory processing difficulties across special schools

  • Training teaching staff in sensory processing, planning for movement in lessons and equipment free sensory circuits

  • Assessing for and contributing to EHCPs

  • Contributing evidence towards tribunal cases on behalf of the local authority

  • Planning and delivering of whole school interventions

  • Supervising and training of other OTs

  • Service development and training of integrated therapy assistants. 

March 2020: Specialist Teacher, Oaklodge Cognition and Learning College:

  • Teaching in an SLD class whilst the class teacher was off on paternity leave

  • Classroom organisation

  • Curriculum planning

  • Instilling classroom structure and routine 

  • Demonstrating a therapeutic teaching model to senior leaders with the aim to change the approach to teaching of their SLD classes. 

August 2016 - present: Sensory Integration Practitioner, Independent​

  • Using appropriate assessments to assess a child's sensory needs 

  • Providing weekly therapy sessions to work on sensory processing difficulties

  • Providing training to parents and teachers 

  • Advising on appropriate equipment 

  • Setting up of home programmes to support sensory processing development

Sept 2016 - present: OT at Woolmore Primary School, Tower Hamlets

  • Setting up and support in the running of an alternative curriculum for 10 students with ASD/ significant sensory and learning needs 

  • Working with teachers and SENCO to problem solve around classroom inclusion

  • Setting up of a sensory space

  • Delivering training around sensory circuits; use of the sensory space; motor skills and posture for learning

  • Setting up and running of groups 

  • Individual assessment and report writing. 

Feb 2018 - July 2018: Leader of sensory play sessions at my home

  • Weekly sessions consisting of a sensory circuit for babies

  • Giving an opportunity for new mums to learn about their baby's sensory development 

  • Promoting ideas for activities for mums to do at home with their babies to encourage normal sensory and motor development. 

Sept 2016- Dec 2017: Director of Inclusive Notes (currently paused due to maternity leave)

  • Inclusive Notes is a therapeutic choir for children aged 6-11 with additional needs in Hackney. The target group for this intervention is children with autism and ADHD:

March 2017 - Dec 2017: OT at Culloden Primary School, Tower Hamlets

  • Training of TAs

  • Setting up a sensory room and integrative play room

  • Working with the speech and language therapist to run a 'party planning' group that focuses on functional language and tasks

  • Assessing children with sensory needs and putting together sensory programmes to complete in the sensory room. 

Oct 2016 - Dec 2017: Trustee at the International Pre-Autistic Network


Sept 2014- August 2016: Study for MSc Occupational Therapy

  • Master thesis written about auditory processing in children with ASD

  • Various practice placements including a final placement in a community paediatric team

  • Learning included assessment of individual function and environment; intervention planning; activity analysis; movement analysis; adaptations of environment and task; and use of activity to support recovery and or to facilitate learning

  • Strong competencies developed include: evidenced based practice; communication; task analysis; intervention planning; and assessment of individual function in activities of daily living.

Sept 2014 – Dec 2014: Specialist Teacher

  • Supporting the set-up of a specialist unit attached to a mainstream primary school – two classes, one supporting children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the other supporting children with Profound and Moderate Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

  • Planning and implementing of a numeracy scheme of work for children with PMLD.

  • Small group and one to one numeracy support of children with ASD and PMLD.

  • Training of teaching assistants in effective support within and outside mainstream education.

  • Supporting students in mainstream, and advising classroom teachers of effective in class intervention.

Sept 2011 – August 2014: Science Teacher

  • Teaching of science to key stages 3 and 4.

  • Teaching of psychology AS and A-level.

  • Planning and delivery of inclusive practical lessons.

  • Tutor to year 7 providing pastoral support to all, advising teachers on students within my group with health needs such as sickle cell anaemia.

  • Raising awareness of mental health through developing a partnership with Sane and delivering assemblies throughout year groups.

  • Working with the special educational needs department to review intervention strategies across the school.


May 2010 - May 2011: Teacher Assistant

  • Became the lead assistant for the Learning Support Unit, supporting students with behaviour problems.

  • Supported a deaf student in all subject areas.

  • Accompanied an ASD student home twice a week as part of a programme to promote his independence.

  • Liaised with speech therapy and occupational therapy.

  • Advised teachers in how best to support students with specific needs.

  • Provided technical support to deaf student when hearing aids required new batteries etc.

  • Supported other students, those with dyslexia, ASD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and visual impairment.


August 2009 - April 2010: Playscheme Deputy Team Leader

  • Cared for children with a range of disabilities including ASD, Down’s syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.

  • Undertook risk assessments and liaised with parents.

  • Responsible for administering medication.

  • Directed and supported play workers in day to day duties.

  • Organised and facilitated inclusive activities.